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Virginia Rojas-YIS

Dear all,
Greetings from Yokohama- I hope 2010 is treating you well so far. Thanks again for coming to YIS last month- although with it being before the holidays, it seems a lot longer ago than that- sorry to be slow with this update. 

I hope you have had a chance to incorporate some of the learning from Gini's presentations into your teaching. It's certainly developed our thinking here in a number of ways. Let's keep connected with each other, and keep sharing ideas. One of my big learnings from the day was that we are all very fragmented, working as we do in ones and twos in our own individual schools. Even without Gini, there was clearly a lot of talent and experience to in the room before we started!

As you may remember from my initial e-mails for the workshop, I mentioned that Paul Ketko, Elementary Principal at Nagoya International School, has very kindly made a web-page for the event to help us keep the collaboration going. If you check out the link below, you will see that he has added Gini's powerpoints as well as some other resources. Please keep the link bookmarked, and keep checking it out- there are still more resources to be added. Also, if you have other materials to share, then send them on to Paul- pketko@nis.ac.jp

Click here for downloadable files

Thanks again to you all for your collaboration, and thanks especially to Paul for making such a great resource for us to share.

Best wishes,
Eddy Jones - YIS

Date: December 3, 2009
Place: Yokohama International School
Time: 8:30 am ~ 4:30 pm

Workshop Participants

Desmond Campbell- St. Maur- EAL dcampbell@stmaur.ac.jp
Shanel Catasti- YIS- PYP Coordinator castatis@yis.ac.jp
Sunita Devadas -YIS- EAL devadass@yis.ac.jp
Dianne Gamage -YIS- EAL/EAP gamaged@yis.ac.jp
Kaori Hakone -ASIJ- Japanese khakone@asij.ac.jp
Hitomi Frotten - NIS - Japanese hfrotten@nis.ac.jp
Makiko Hayashida - NIS - Japanese mhayashida@nis.ac.jp
Beth Borstad - NIS - ESL bborstad@nis.ac.jp
Kerry Hughes - NIS - ESL khughes@nis.ac.jp
Paul Ketko - NIS - Elementary Principal pketko@nis.ac.jp
Eliza Kumamoto- YIS- ES Consellor- kumamotoe@yis.ac.jp
Naoko Imada -YIS- Japanese imadan@yis.ac.jp
Eddy Jones - YIS - Director of Student Support Services jonese@yis.ac.jp
Anne Kagei- Seisen- ESL ann.kagei@gmail.com
Trish Keal - St. Maur- EAL pkeal@stmaur.ac.jp
Kitty Kobe -YIS- Mother Tongue (Dutch)- kobek@yis.ac.jp
Andy McGovern- TIS- EAL  amcgovern@tokyois.com
Kathi Mitsui- Seisen- ESL sisesl@seisen.com
Mitos Molina- St. Mary's- Learning Support Coordinator molinam@smis.ac.jp
Jenny Nakagawa - St. Maur- EAL jnakagawa@stmaur.ac.jp
Cheryl Porter- Seisen- ESL 8-1@seisen.com
Lyn Sato- ISS- EAL lsato@isstokyo.com
Akiko Taira -YIS- Japanese tairaa@yis.ac.jp
Frank Valero- TIS- EAL fvalero@tokyois.com
Vivian Van Esch- TIS- EAL vvanesch@tokyois.com
Linda Wayne- St. Mary's- Curric Coord. waynel@smis.ac.jp