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PD How To

Step 1: Decide on Presenter & Contract

  • Decide on the workshop presenter at least 8 months prior to the event. The more known the presenter is, the more advance time you will need. 
  • Once you agree on a presenter you will need to make a contract with the person.
    • Generally the daily honorarium will be between $900 to $1,300 per day.
    • Sample contract: 31k View Download
    • You will need to determine payment method: cash, wire transfer, check. This information can be included in the contract or worked out at a later date.
    • Create a payment form for the presentor and verify with the presenter that this is the amount the school will pay. Here's a sample:

Step 2: Applying for Grant (EARCOS/JCIS)



  • For JCIS member schools in Japan, JCIS has a grant application process to support JCIS schools hosting PD events where participants from other JCIS schools are invited. JCIS grants cannot be applied to EARCOS weekend workshops.
  • JCIS website:
  • For more information contact the president of JCIS. This year - 2011-12 - it is Peter MacKenzie, Hiroshima International School - 
  • JCIS grant application (beta version) - JCIS PD Grant.doc - 48k View Download

Step 3: Workshop Flyer & Agenda

  • With input from the presenter create a workshop flyer and agenda.
  • Sample Flyer & Agenda: 407k View Download

Step 4: Create a Workshop Website

  • Creating a workshop website may take a little time, but it will save a lot of time in the months and weeks leading up to workshop as a way to disseminate information. I use Google Sites which is easy to set up and add information to. You must make sure that in the sharing section that the world has access to the site.
  • On the site you can put information about the presenter, the flyer, agenda, university credit info, directions, etc.
  • Sample workshop website:

Step 5: Create Workshop Registration Form

  • Create a workshop registration form. I use Adobe Acrobat - full program, not the free reader, to create a fillable form.
  • Sample workshop registration form: 135k View Download
  • Usually I charge 8,000 yen for the workshop registration fee.

Step 6: Hotel Arrangements & Registration Form

  • Arrange with your school's preferred hotel a process for booking rooms for workshop participants including an agreed-upon hotel registration form and how the hotel will reply to each registered participant.
  • Sample Hotel Registration Form: 26k View Download
  • Sample Hotel Confirmation Form: 29k View Download

Step 7: Apply for University Credit

  • This step is optional, but many teachers require university credits to renew their teaching licence and as such you are more apt to increase the number of participants wishing to register for your workshop.
  • The easiest way to arrange for a University credit for your workshop is through Buffalo State SUNY. The contact is: Leah Loveless, Assistant Director - email: An email to Leah in April or May is all you need to do to arrange for a university credit.
  • Usually in May or June or September, the university will send you confirmation of their acceptance for granting credit for the workshop and an application for teachers to fill in and return to the university. These need to handed out at the workshop (I also put them on the workshop website). Here are sample of the forms you will receive from the university to hand out to participants during the workshop.: 
    • Workshop Credit Information SUNY University.pdf - 67k View Download
    • Workshop Credit Registration Form SUNY University.pdf - 90k View Download

Step 8: Send Out Workshop Registration Form

  • If your workshop is in the fall, then it is advisable to send out the registration form in May. If it is in January or February, then you can send out the registration form in September.
  • For an EARCOS Weekend Workshop you can use this email address which goes to all EARCOS schools: 
  • You could also use the PYPEAN network email for Japan and Korea PYP schools - ask your PYP coordinator.
  • Sample email: 17k View Download
  • Once registration forms start being returned you will need to keep track of them
    • I use an excel spread sheet - sample 15k View Download
    • I also create a group email which makes it easier to sent out reminders to participants at later dates

Step 9: Workshop To-Do List

  • As the workshop nears, there are many bits that need to be organized such as ensuring the workshop venue is available, food, transportation to the school for the presenter and participants. Here is a to-do list that I use. 20k View Download
  • Do not forget to hand out the University Credit assessment sheets during the workshop to those who wish to receive credit for the course. I try to collect as many as I can during the workshop and give about a month afterwards for people to submit them. I send out a couple of reminders.

Step 10: After the Workshop

  • Create a workshop expenditure form that will be sent to EARCOS in order to receive your grant - here's a sample11k View Download. Here is a sample email is send to EARCOS: 18k View Download
  • Create a payment form for the presenter - here's a sample: 10k View Download
  • You might want to send out a thank you email to participants and upload any photos to the workshop website.
  • Once the deadline has passed, make a list of participant names who completed the assessment for university credit and forward them to  Leah Loveless, Assistant Director - email: You do not have to mark the's okay just to receive them. You do not have to send the assessments to Leah, just that you received them and all passed. here's a sample of the email I send: 17k View Download
I hope this information helps you plan for and put on a wonderful workshop. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. you can contact me at

Good Luck!