Websites to Foster Reading

Free Websites

  • PBS Kids: This site has videos and games featuring some favorite Children's book characters.

  • Reading Rockets: Reading Rockets offers a wealth of reading strategies, lessons, and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better. The reading resources assist parents, teachers, and other educators in helping readers build fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

  • BookPals: Sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, bookpals is a site devoted to helping children love to read. Go online and you’ll find great teaching resources, as well as fun activities for children to try on their own. 

  • Storyline Online: A program also sponsored by SAG, storyline offers online video streaming of a variety of well known actors reading stories aloud. 

  • Booknuts Reading Club: An online community for children to communicate about the books they love. 

  • Kids Reads: This site has a lot going on. There are reviews of books, interviews with authors, games, trivia, and sections just for parents and teachers.

  • Magic Keys: There are a lot of books online, some of which have audio and some of which require reading the old-fashioned way.

  • Brain Pop Jr: This is an educational site, organized by school subject and featuring skill building games and some fun videos.

  • Starfall: Starfall provides many activities to help children learn to use phonics.

  • Book Adventure:There is information here for parents and teachers as well as for children. This is one of a very few sites I found that could help recommend books by grade level, genre, and topic of interest.

  • KidSites: Here you’ll find links to a huge variety of sites for children, organized by topic and theme. This can be a great place for students to research topics of interest or to find out background information on topics they’re reading about, as well as lessons and activities for teachers and parents to use.

  • Scholastic: The kids’ section has fun videos and activities. The section for parents has a lot of resources and helpful advice. Here, too, children can practice reading nonfiction and researching topics that interest them, or learn more about the topics they’re reading about in other books.

  • Go-Kids: Grolier gives online access to their children’s encyclopedia, with interesting links and great pictures.

  • Teachers Network: All parents want to help their children, but they may not know exactly what to do when it comes to literacy development. Here you will find some ideas to help you support your child's literacy needs.

  • Leveled Book List: These book lists were developed for parents who have requested help in finding books at their child's reading level.

Fee-based Websites

  • One More Story: This is an online library of well-known children’s literature. Children can select a book from a large array of popular picture books. An expressive reading of each book is accompanied by wonderful music that helps set the mood for the story, and children can follow along with the words on the screen.

  • Reading A-Z: This is more for teachers than for parents, but many parents will want access to the materials provided here. They offer a lot of free samples of downloadable reading materials, too.

  • Scholastic: Scholastic offers a subscription service giving access to thousands of printable materials at various reading levels. This website is aimed at educators but parents might find it useful and fun. Scholastic is also responsible for BookFlix, an interactive online literacy resource. Many library systems offer free access to BookFlix for cardholders.
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