Reading With Intention: Defining Beliefs, Aligning Practice, Taking Action

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by Debbie Miller  

Grade LevelK-5  Stenhouse Publishers    

Effective, intentional teaching begins with a strong set of beliefs, but even the best teachers—including Debbie Miller—struggle to make sure that their classroom practice consistently reflects their core convictions. In Teaching with Intention, Debbie shares her process of defining beliefs, aligning practice, and taking action to ensure that children are the true beneficiaries of her teaching. From setting up the classroom environment to the intentional use of language, from comprehension instruction to lesson design, Debbie is explicit about what she does and why. At the same time, she encourages teachers to develop their own belief statements concerning teaching and learning, and includes key questions to guide them in this important process.

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Item No.: WEB-0387:  ISBN: 978-157110-387-1 / 2008 / 160pp / Paperback

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