Reading For Real

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by Kathy Collins  

Grade LevelK-3   
Stenhouse Publishers  

Reading for Real will put reading clubs on the map. Kathy is our guide to the exciting world of reading clubs, where students read with purpose, engagement, and minds-on-fire. Kathy provides you with the companionship, practical help, and the inspiration you need in order to incorporate reading clubs into your teaching. She will help you see that you need not make a choice between teaching for skills and teaching for engagement as your students both learn to read and learn to love reading. Some books add to the existing knowledge while others launch a whole new era; this book is in the latter category.-- Lucy Calkins

Take two to four kids, give them a basket of books that go together in some way, and then provide time for them to read, think, and talk together about their ideas, their questions, their wonderings. That's the simple recipe for a reading club, and Kathy Collins demonstrates the powerful results in her new book, Reading for Real. She writes, "The reading clubs I describe are a formal structure providing students with time to read and talk about books with a high level of engagement, purpose, and joy."

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Item No.: WEB-0703:  ISBN: 978-157110-703-9 / 2008 / 240pp / Paperback

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