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Grade Level: K-12  

“This book is about small-group projects that work. It’s about combining what we know about the research process, about thinking, and about people working together to create a structure that consistently supports kids to build knowledge that matters in their lives.”

—Stephanie Harvey and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels

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Listen to a podcast with Smokey and two master teachers who use inquiry circles

Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action occurs at the intersection of comprehension, collaboration, and inquiry and serves as a guide for teachers who want to realize the benefits of well-structured, student-led, cross-curricular projects. Stephanie Harvey (Strategies That Work and The Comprehension Toolkit series) and Harvey “Smokey” Daniels (Literature Circles andMini-Lessons for Literature Circles):

• lay the foundation for inquiry circles by chronicling the current research and practices behind comprehension instruction and classroom collaboration

• explain nine fundamental classroom conditions needed for active, small-group learning

• provide 26 practical lessons in comprehension, collaboration, and research

• offer how-to instructions for four types of inquiry circles—mini-research projects; curricular inquiries; extensions of literature circles; and open inquiry projects

• address characteristic management concerns, such as how to use the Internet for research and how to assess and monitor student achievement.

Throughout, chapters offer a mix of materials for you to grab and go as well as some big ideas to think through as you customize inquiry circles for your students. It is time for another stronger, more intentional era of education. Comprehension and Collaboration:Inquiry Circles in Action will serve as your companion and provide a guiding light on this important endeavor.

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    978-0-325-01230-8 / 0-325-01230-X / 2009 / 336pp / Paperback

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