Literacy Connections

posted Dec 29, 2012, 6:31 PM by Paul Ketko

Promoting Literacy Skills and a Love of Reading

Literacy Connections provides a wealth of information on reading, teaching and tutoring techniques, ESL literacy, and adult literacy. We recommend resources that are useful for teachers, volunteers, and directors of literacy programs. Topics include the language experience approach, phonics, word study, word families, and the best in children's literature. 
 All About 
Reading Aloud

Why reading aloud is so important. How you can make it a meaningful experience. 
  Reading Comprehension
 The importance of reading  comprehension. Strategies  that increase active  participation in the reading  process.
 The Literacy 
Volunteer Tutor

Tips for volunteer tutors. Word games and phonics activities. How reading teachers and tutors can use literature to improve reading comprehension.

 Resources For 
Literacy Programs
 Suggested reading lists for  both older and younger  learners. How you can start  your literacy program on a  budget. Professional books for  teachers.

 Adult Literacy
Ways that volunteer tutors can fight adult illiteracy.

Especially For Reading Teachers



 Second Language Literacy and 
Hispanic Literacy

ESL Literacy Links.  Resources for Spanish-speaking communities.
  Using Music to Build 
Reading Skills
 Recommendations from our  
 partner site, 
Songs for  Teaching: Using Music to  Promote Learning
 LC Store
Your purchases from our new store support this educational site. Selected books, alphabet charts, music, videos,and software to share the gift of reading.
  Links to Independent 
Literacy Programs
 These independent  organizations are eager for your help.
 Puppy Readers
Developed by a reading specialist, these electronic songbooks make reading fun.

  Success Stories and 
 Inspiring Quotations