Living the Life of a Reader and Writer

posted Jan 8, 2011, 11:00 PM by Paul Ketko

My name is Jennifer Myers and I am second grade teacher at Barrett Elementary, located in the Morgan Hill Unified School District. When I teach there are many questions I have that inform the way I teach. One of the biggest factors that guide my teaching is the students' work. I assess my students on a daily basis, and this is the key that guides what I need to teach and how often I need to teach it before my students have a clear understanding of the concept taught. Barrett Elementary has a diverse population of learners. Our school has a high number of second language learners. One question I often ask myself when I plan my instruction is, ‘How can I meet the needs of all learners in my class through differentiating my instruction?’ The lessons that I plan must be able to meet the needs of many different kinds of students in my class, whether they are on grade level, below it, or above it.

As you browse through my website, you will be able to observe some teaching practices I use on a daily basis in my classroom. Some things you will learn include: