The Reading & Writing Project - Lucy Calkins

posted Dec 29, 2012, 6:35 PM by Paul Ketko
The Reading & Writing Project
Teachers, coaches and principals are always looking for better resources to strengthen their important work in classrooms. We support that work by putting up important and useful resources that change throughout the year. We have examples of the sort of writing that students at every grade level, K-8, did during last year's units of study. The samples selected represent good work from the widest possible range of students. We also have many lists of recommended books. In addition, we have tools that you can use to assess your students' growth in writing and reading. Other materials, such as the TCRWP's 'curricular calendars' will soon be available from Heinemann by subscription.

As the Project extends its reach to more and more schools, we've come to realize that texts (as well as people) teach. The organization continuously puts our best thinking into texts that are meant to serve as demonstrations, guides, scaffolds...and as invitations to revise. We consider these materials living documents that continue to evolve. We share them with the expectation that you will use them and extend them. Please see Publications for a list of publications by TCRWP staff.