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Focus on Inquiry: A practical approach to curriculum planning

posted Jul 27, 2010, 4:15 PM by Paul Ketko   [ updated Jul 27, 2010, 4:35 PM ]
Jeni Wilson and Lesley Wing Jan

Click here to order: Curriculum Press
Curriculum Corporation., 
9781742004808   SCIS No: 1405684 
 / 2009 / 144pg / Paperback
Grade Level: K-8

This is an EXCELLENT book for those wishing to learn how to teach concept-based inquiry learning. 

Learn how to plan and assess inquiry-based units with this clear guide to the practice of inquiry, the forms it can take in the classroom, and the pivotal role of the teacher in effective inquiry learning.

Inquiry inspires students to take an active role in:
• asking questions, building on prior knowledge and making their own discoveries
• finding information from a variety of sources
• making connections between ideas, learning domains and experiences
• reflecting on, and taking action related to, their understandings.

This new edition of Focus on Inquiry builds on current research into learning and pedagogy, the authors’ continued experiences and the renewed interest in inquiry as a way to facilitate student learning.

Busy teachers can adapt ideas from short classroom snapshots or the in-depth sample units illustrating the what and the how of each different type of inquiry. New material on assessment, planning and questioning is supplemented with practical lists, photocopiable resources and activities sure to spark off ideas about your own journey into inquiry-based learning.

Focus on Inquiry empowers you to investigate inquiry-based learning within the context of your school, leading to rich and powerful learning for all students. 

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