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PYP Documents - OCC

  OCC Link - Key PYP documents can be downloaded from the IB OCC site > PYP > Library. An OCC password will be required. Below are many of the documents that can be found on the OCC.

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PYP core publications Locate on the OCC

SHOW/HIDE18 document/s
Arts scope and sequence  
Programme evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire: Primary Years Programme, effective January 2011, to be submitted as from December 2011   
Exhibition guidelines  
Language scope and sequence  
Mathematics scope and sequence  
Sample units of inquiry   
The role of ICT in the PYP  
The Primary Years Programme A basis for practice   
Making the PYP happen: A curriculum framework for international primary education   
Making the PYP happen: Pedagogical leadership in a PYP school   
PYP planner template  
Developing a transdisciplinary programme of inquiry  
The Primary Years Programme as a model of transdisciplinary learning   
Introduction to the PYP scope and sequences   
Personal, social and physical education scope and sequence  
Science across the IB continuum  
Science scope and sequence  
Social studies scope and sequence  
Google Docs PYP planner template (in English)
PYP curriculum support
PYP exhibition

Curriculum development reports

SHOW/HIDE4 document/s
PYP curriculum support materials - Questionnaire and curriculum development meeting report July 2011
Dual languages questionnaire report, September 2007
Role of arts in the Primary Years Programme
Role of physical education in the Primary Years Programme

Programme coordination publications

SHOW/HIDE19 document/s
Coordinator's handbook 2011–2012 
Coordinator’s handbook 2010/2011 
Coordinator’s notes, November 2011  
Coordinator’s notes, May 2011  

Please check for the following information:
  • Essential information
  • Preliminary Visits
  • In-school workshops
  • Consultation visits
  • Fee Structure in Asia Pacific
  • IB Copyright and Branding
  • Action plan for Candidate schools
  • Pre-authorization guideline for schools

 Please check for the following information:

  • Interested schools form
  • Application A
  • Application B
  • Application procedure for Candidate schools
  • PYP Guidelines for school application
  • PYP school guide to Authorization visit
  • Rules for IB Schools
  • General regulations
  • PYP Standards and Practices
  • IB learner profile
  • Services for schools

 Please check for the following information:

  • Workshop Descriptors
  • IB Asia-Pacific Events Calendar
  • To  register online for regional workshops, download info packs and workshop agendas

 Please check  to purchase IB publications, materials and services

  • Purchase starter pack, Other relevant PYP Documentation
  • To advertise a job vacancy

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