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Learner Profile

 IB Learner Profile - from the website

 IB Learner Profile Workshop PPT - 3113k View Download
A workshop presentation to introduce parents or teachers to the Learner Profile....see the following handout document to use with the presentation

 PYP Learner Profile Workshop Material DOC - 60k Download

 IB Learner Profile Detailed PPT - 3096k View Download
A presentation similar to the one above, except it is not assembled as a workshop

 IB Learner Profile PDF - 542k View Download
A list of Learner Profile attributes with pictures and descriptions (similar to the PPT presentation above)

 IB Learner Profile DOC - 29k Download
A list of Learner Profile attributes with short descriptions

IB Learner Profile Video Link
A short official IB video showing the 10 Learner Profile attibutes

 Labels for Posting - Learner Profile DOC - 165k Download
Labels with short descriptions for each Learner Profile attribute


  IB Learner Profile in Japanese with Hiragana DOC 58k Download
A list of Learner Profile attributes in Japanese and hiragana

  NIS Learner Profile Japanese DOC - 54k Download
A list of Learner Profile attributes and descriptions in Japanese and hiragana

  PYP Eng-JPNS Glossary Final DOC - 74k Download
English - Japanese glossary of PYP key words