Ian Jukes - Understanding The Digital Generation

posted May 7, 2011, 11:16 PM by Paul Ketko   [ updated May 7, 2011, 11:28 PM ]
Today's world is not the world we grew up in, and today's world is certainly not the world our children will live in. Because of the dramatic changes our world has undergone, today's students are not the students our schools were designed for, and they are not the students today's teachers were trained to teach.

This keynote examines the effect digital bombardment from constant exposure to digital media has on our children in the new digital landscape and considers the profound implications this holds for the future of education. What does the latest neuroscientific and psychological research tell us about the role of intense and frequent experiences on the brain, particularly the young and impressionable brain?

Based on the research, what inferences can we make about kids' digital experiences and how these experiences are re-wiring and re-shaping their cognitive processes? More importantly, what are the implications for teaching, learning and assessment in the new digital landscape?

This popular keynote has been presented in over 40 countries world-wide, and is soon to be released as a DVD. See below for a preview of the presentation.

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